Girona Greenways

Meant by “greenways” those communications infrastructure developed over disaffected sections of rail traffic on the paths of nature intended for non-motorized users, pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility, which can be used for recreational purposes and for travel between centers of activity. In general, communication corridors are not motorized, easy, pleasant and safe travel. The route is accessible and integrated into the natural environment.

Ter Route

Ter Route is a route linking two poles of tourist attraction such as the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava, by a route that follows the river Ter, which crosses five regions of Catalonia. The route can be done on foot or by bicycle.

Throughout this journey, we can see a variety of landscapes, cultural elements, history and traditions of each municipality through which the route and at the same time you can enjoy a wide gastronomic variety.

Mountain bike routes in the province of Girona

  • Mountain bike routes Selva
  • Mountain bike routes Girona
  • Mountain bike routes Garrotxa

Point Burricleta Bonmatí

Burricleta democratizes the use of bicycles for all types of people: men and women, large and small, young and old, family, couple or group, at any time of year, no other condition to know ride a bike.

Makes it easy to discover the natural environment, thanks to GPS Interactive coupled to burricletas, including natural and cultural contents, both tangible architecture, geology, botany, wildlife – and intangible – history, legends, landscapes, values -.

Motocross circuit

Trout fishing

The area from the banks of Ter enjoys the protection of Natura 2000 banks of the lower Ter, cataloged as a place of inland waters. In Catalonia there are only two areas of fisheries open all year, one in the Pyrenees and the other section of the river Ter English. In this section we practice fishing without death trout throughout the year. This area is considered one of the best trout fishing areas in Europe. We can get tickets to go fishing.


Catalonia has a long tradition mushroom, forest mushroom depends on the look you’re going to go to a site type or another. For where is located the house (now much diversity in forests near) gives a large range of options to go mushroom picking.


Come and enjoy the freedom of a tandem paragliding flight, with the breeze and admire the landscape.
We accompany you on a flight to enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of Girona and the Hermitage of Santa Brigida, in Amer. We are 20km from the city of Girona, 40 km from the Costa Brava and just over 100 km from Barcelona.

Enjoy nature, a unique space to relax with the family, at home.